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All of our mulches are made from recycled logs and stumps brought to us from other local companies. The dyed used on some of our mulches is also natural and safe to be around both plants and animals. Our Compost is also made of recycled yard waste and does not contain any animal byproducts. Check out our Mulch Calculator by clicking here to help find how mulch is needed for your project! 

Our Dark Hardwood is made out of stumps and logs to give a natural dark color.
Dark Hardwood
Sold by yard
Cedar Mulch is ideal to keep pesky bugs away from your home and plants.
Sold by yard
Dyed Brown - Brian.png
The dyed brown mulch is a warm color that adds a finishing touch to any garden.
Dyed Brown
Sold by yard
Dyed Black Yard.png
Our dyed black mulch is deep in color, helping brightly colored plants stand out. 
Dyed Black
Sold by yard
The dyed red mulch is the perfect attention grabber to bring any garden to the next level 
Dyed Red
Sold by yard
Light hardwood mulch is a classic color that lightens and ties any garden together. 
Light Hardwood
Sold by yard
Our triple shred dark hardwood mulch is a beautiful natural brown color that is also very fine.
Dark Hardwood Triple Shred
Sold by yard
Our Topsoil is freshly screened to remove as many pebbles and sticks as possible, leaving clean and healthy soil.
Screened Topsoil
old by yard
compost 2 .jpeg
Our compost is created from recycled yard waste and is great for giving plants an extra post of nutrients 
old by yard
Earth Mix.jpg
Earth mix is a 50/50 mixture of compost and topsoil. This blend is great for growing plants!
Earth Mix
Sold by yard
21AA CC.jpg
The 21AA Crushed Concrete consists of concrete that is 1.5” and is perfect for sidewalks and driveways
21AA  Crushed Concrete
Sold by ton
21AA Limestone.jpg
21AA Limestone compacts very well, making it the best option for brick pavers, retaining walls, and driveways.
21AA Limestone
old by ton
Pea stone is a 3/8" or less in size and is a great option for drainage, dog runs, and swing sets. 
Pea stone
Sold by ton
Egg Rock 2.jpg
Egg Rock ranges in colors and sizes from 3/4" to 2 ½”. The wide diversity of this stone makes it excellent to decorate yards and gardens with!
Egg Rock
Sold by ton
6A Stone.jpg
6A is a coarse stone that is a great option for septic fields, pipe bedding, or just as decoration in the yard.
6A Stone (1.5")
Sold by ton
Class II Sand.jpg
Class II Sand is a screened sand that also compacts very well making it a great option for floors in pole barns, sheds, and outbuildings
Class II Sand 
Sold by ton
Boulders are perfect to create outlines in a yard or use as a finishing accent piece. We have a large variety of sizes to fit any project!
Boulders 6"- 36"
Sold by ton
2NS Sand.jpg
2NS sand also known as sharp sand, grit sand, or river sand, is a gritty sand that is ideal for concrete or potting mixes, loosen clay soil, and for building projects.
2NS (Sharp) Sand 
Whitmore Lake Only Sold by ton
Mason Sand.jpg
Mason sand is smooth and fine making it a perfect base for pools, masonry work, and pavers.
Mason Sand
Whitmore Lake Only
Sold by ton
Images to come.png
Ohio 9s.jpg
Ohio 9’s is a course natural material that is a popular choice for base underneath brick pavers and retaining walls.
Ohio 9's 
Whitmore Lake Only
Sold by ton
6A limestone.heic
Our 6A Limestone is a sharp stone that will stay loose which helps with drainage, making it a great choice for driveways and drainage ditches.
6A Limestone
Whitmore Lake Only
Sold by ton
1x3 Crushed Concrete 1.jpg
Our 1x3 Crushed Concrete is 100% recycled broken concrete and is great to form foundational layer for driveways, walkways, and parking areas.
1"x3" Crushed Concrete
Whitmore Lake Only
Sold by ton
Raw Asphalt.jpg
Asphalt Millings are created from recycled asphalt and are often used to resurface parking lots and driveways.
Crushed Asphalt Millings
Whitmore Lake Only
Sold by ton
Raw Asphalt 2.jpg
Raw Asphalt Millings are usually less than an inch in size and are popular for sidewalks and driveways as it helps fix surface flaws.
Raw Millings
Whitmore Lake Only
Sold by ton
1X3 Asphalt.jpg
Our 1X3 Asphalt comes in larger pieces and can be used for driveways, sidewalks, or other patch work projects.
1X3 Asphalt
Whitmore Lake Only
Sold by ton
4X8 Ashphalt.jpg
The 4X8 Asphalt is the largest size asphalt that we carry. It is perfect for larger patch work projects!
4X8 Asphalt
Whitmore Lake Only
Sold by ton
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